Many of the classes were focused on discussion and critique creating time for the students to share difficulties and successes with the product development process with one another. Each student presnted their work to the class taking part in hearty critique from their peers. Students also led brainstorming sessions as leaders of a design team in several sessions. The course was intended to prepare them for the responsibilities of a designer starting their career. I have gotten compliments from several of them on the importance of being able to write a design proposal which is a skill I taught in Design Out Loud. 
In the fall of 2010, I taught a senior design studio entitled Design Out Loud at Carngie Mellon University. The scope of the class was to help students produce and promote their work through the use of social media tools. Students were the curators and designers responsible for maintaining and contributing to build an audience that can help them test ideas, concepts and finally be interested enough to purchase a product or service they produce.Their unified goal was to produce thoughtful work to share with an audience of their own design. I have highlighted a few of the presentations from Design Out Loud here such as my course introduction, social media examples lecture and finally lecture on leading brainstorming sessions. The other lectures from the class can be seen on Slideshare
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