GoBeMe is an interest inventory to visualize a users career interests. Users choose careers that interest them and visualize how close or far they are from attaining a job in that field.  
Asssessment is a series of multiple choice questions. To facilitate the process of answering the questions the assessment was designed to be clicked on screen or the keyboard is wired to the numbers in the response options. 
The Job Universe design came out of a meeting where we decided the user was at the most important part of the service and therefore are at the center of their universe. This idea of being in the center of your universe, drove the design. We decided from that point the user could 'travel', by learning new skills and gaining experience to new planets that would represent career choices. We calculated how to drive the graphic and began prototyping our 'Job Universe' in D3.JS. 
Each node on a users 'Job Universe' contains a description for a career they could pursue. They may like or dislike the job to earmark it for further research. 
The signup screens for the job universe. 
Live session at the SF GoodWill American Job Center. In this workshop users took the Strong Assessment via GoBeMe. We then discussed the results of the assessment in their reports that are generated from the app. 
This is the diagram of the app we created in the office that the product team worked from as we created the UX and the content for the Strong Assessment. 
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