IdeaSprig was a project that was born out of my interest in sustainability. I constantly quesitoned, whether the actions I was taking throughout my day were the most conscientious. I was always considering if there was something more impactful or easier I could be doing to have a lighter impact on the environment in my daily life. Is there an easier way to compost for a city dweller? What are some of the tastiest vegetarian recipes? What is the most sustainable way to commute to work? These are just a few examples of the types of questions that were on IdeaSprig. 
This view is the feed view of the site. If someone wants to start using IdeaSprig to find an answer they can begin by typing a question and it will auto-complete. If there isn't an existing answer they can ask it right from the search box. 
The feed depicts different questions and answers from folks in your network. There are related questions, answers and guidelists in the column to the right. There are also various popular categories that you are interested in. 
A visual layout describing how notecards with a specific step in a set of instructions for how to green some aspect of your lifestyle works. Users can vote on the card, share it or download a copy to print. 
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